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build a brand new website

$500 - $750

You expect your website to be unique and tailored to fit your needs.
The cost to build your website should be customized as well. Why would we quote you a premium price, without first learning exactly what you're looking for?
Let's set up a free discovery meeting to talk about your ideas and see if Rocketman Design is a good fit for you. Click the Blast Off button, to set up a quick 15 minute phone call. We'll discuss your ideas and put together a proposal that will help launch your website!
re-imagine and maintain a current website

$75 a month

Maybe your website was out of this world...8 years ago. Now it's time to make some changes and keep things updated. We're here to help! 
Click the Blast Off! button and let's set up a quick phone call to talk about what your needs are and how we can help.

Not quite what you need? Contact us and we'll make it happen!

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